Few things compare to the thrill of bringing home a fresh new pair of shoes and being welcomed by the delightful new shoe smell that wafts into your nostrils as you open the box. There's a reason Carrie was so obsessed with her Manolo’s, and Cinderella was so determined to reclaim her glass slipper. Shoes are inexplicably magical.

But, as much as we adore their look, they are also extremely functional. In any case, this ultimate list of the shoes you must have in your closet will be the answer to every footwear issue. Sure, there are variations, but these 14 styles are the basic types of shoes you should have in your arsenal.

What Is A Capsule Wardrobe?

How to design a capsule wardrobe has become a popular trend in recent years, and shoes are an important component of that. A capsule wardrobe comprises approximately 15-20 items that may be worn together in various ensembles to create diverse outfits, with versatility being the key. Shoes should be neutral in colour so that they can be worn in a variety of ways.

Choose traditional colours, shapes, and designs to get the most out of your essential footwear. When properly cared for, leather uppers are the easiest to maintain and can last far longer than other manufactured materials. Comfort and fit are critical to the success of your shoe purchasing since you will not wear shoes that kill your feet. Certainly not very often.

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Check out our infographic below which takes a look at Essential Footwear For Every Wardrobe.

Essential Footwear For Every Capsule Wardrobe