While footwear has advanced dramatically over the last century, one thing has remained constant: shoes will always require proper care to stay in good condition.

Today, there are numerous varieties of footwear available, ranging from leather to canvas and everything in between. It's perplexing to consider that every sort of shoe, from cleats to brogues, necessitates unique care. If you follow our professional advice on how to care for your shoes, you will be able to get the most wear out of each type of shoe.

How to Clean Shoes?

Examine your shoes for any washing or cleaning instructions before attempting to clean them. Then sort them by material, such as leather or suede. Finally, remove any laces and tap them together to remove any loose dirt before washing shoes. To get rid of odours, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda in the shoe the night before a wash.

Best Ways of Caring for Shoes

Regular shoe care increases the longevity of your shoes. Here's what you can do to get there:

  • For daily shoe care, keep shoe polish, a shoe brush, and a soft cloth on hand. Also included are shoe wipes and leather lotion. Before storing your shoes, you should polish or wipe them clean.
  • Only wash your shoes when absolutely essential.
  • Air-dry shoes gather perspiration to prevent bacterial growth and eliminate odours. Likewise, you should avoid drying your shoes in the dryer. Always let them air dry.
  • Sprinkle bicarb on the insoles on a regular basis to prevent bacterial growth. Simply dump it out before wearing them.
  • Finally, keep your shoes out of direct sunshine, rain, and dust.
Shoe Care

Importance of Correct Cleaning Shoes

It's critical to understand how to properly clean and care for your shoes, especially if you want to keep your shoes for as long as possible. Keep in mind that various shoes require different care.

What Not To Do

Avoid the washing machine: Contrary to popular opinion, any type of canvas/knit or mesh shoe should not be washed. Even light cycles might weaken the adhesive that holds your shoe together and make your soles appear worn down.

No air: Shoes, like our skin, require adequate airflow to breathe. Shoes should never be stored in plastic.

Over wearing: Constantly wearing the same pair of shoes can irreparably ruin their structure, and no amount of washing can save them. Alter your shoe collection on a regular basis.

Dry feet only: Always dry your feet before putting on shoes- damp/moist feet can cause a variety of health problems and cause shoes to mildew.

Don't forget to wipe: To avoid stains, mud and liquids should be wiped off as quickly as possible, especially from leather shoes.

Forget the heater: Avoid drying wet shoes near a heat source. Air drying is preferable.

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Shoe care infographic