When it comes to self-care, many of us are guilty of forgetting about our feet. Our feet are the workhorses of the body with the average person walking approximately 115,000 miles in a lifetime! They get us where we need to go and receive little love in return.

As the saying goes, “when your feet hurt you hurt all over.” If your feet experience a problem, it will inevitably take a toll on your overall health because your feet serve as your body’s foundation. Numerous health studies have investigated the various issues caused by different types of shoes. For example, a 2011 study found that regular high heel wearers are six times more likely to get osteoarthritis. 

So how can you pick shoes that won’t damage your health?

Our feet deserve a little TLC from time to time to ensure that they remain healthy in the long-run. Not only will your feet thank you, but the rest of your body will too!

If you are interested in discovering more about how your shoes affect your health, why not take a look at our latest infographic. This handy guide will take you through how to find the best shoes for you and also features some basic footcare activities you can try out to keep your feet healthy, strong and active in the long-run.

 Read the infographic below for more information.