Read our guide to discover the ten autumn and winter boot trends that you need to know about in 2019.

Winter in Ireland can be quite unforgiving on our feet, so it’s important to ensure that they are fully protected against the elements. At the same time, you also want to ensure that your footwear offers a chic finishing touch to your outfits. In this article, we count down the top ten winter boot trends that are dominating fashion in 2019.

1. Animal Patterns

 "Leopard, tiger, zebra, cow and serpentine patterns were all over the fall runways of New York, Milan, and Paris, and will likely be dominating the fashion scene through the autumn and winter months… Animal prints are on everything from kitten heels to ankle, knee and thigh-high boots. Invest in a pair or two to play up solid — and especially black — separates. " - Laurean Ossorio, celebrity stylist

With so many options to choose from, animal pattern boots offer incredible versatility. This season, fashionistas are donning tiger and zebra stripes, cow prints, bold giraffe splotches, or cheetah spots. Animal print boots can be used to liven up a monochrome ensemble or they can be paired with jeans and a cosy jumper for a more casual look.

2.Combat Boots

Channelling 1990s grunge, combat boots are making a comeback for the 2019 Autumn/Winter season. In particular, chunky leather styles with a lug sole are enjoying huge popularity at the moment. Pair your combat boots with a more feminine outfit for an eye-catching contrast.

3. Square-Toe Boots

Offering a subtle nod to the 90s, boxy tips and square-toed boots are back in fashion this year. In fact, square toe boots were named “One of the Biggest Trends of 2019” by Glamour magazine. The dramatic silhouette of this style helps to make casual outfits feel sharper and dressier looks feel more relaxed. A basic way to enliven a simple outfit, these shoes go well with pleated midi skirts, straight-leg trousers or cropped jeans.

4. Shearling Accents

Brace yourself for chilly winter days in 2019 with a pair of shearling-lined boots. Chic and comfortable, shearling boots offer a practical option for the colder weather. Opt for ankle boots for casual wear or a knee-high style for added cosiness during extra cold weather.

Shearling-lined footwear is a major winter boot trend in 2019

5. Platform Boots

Platform boots are one of the biggest trends this season, as evidenced by its appearance on the runways of top designers such as Michael Kors, Stella McCartney, and Alexa Chung. Ideal for nights out, 1970s-style platform boots give off a sense of disco allure. For added comfort, go for a style with a chunky, medium heel.

6. Slouch Boots

Evocative of the 1980s aesthetic, leather or suede slouch boots are a great way to add a vintage touch to your outfit. These boots work perfectly with both winter-wardrobe staples and glamorous party pieces. Pull them over a pair of skinny jeans or wear with a midi skirt for a comfy winter look.

7.Thigh-High Boots

Add drama to your winter wardrobe with a pair of flattering and stylish thigh-high boots. Thigh-high boots have a reputation for tawdriness; but they can look very elegant when paired with the right outfit. There are a number of ways you can stop them from looking too over-the-top. For example, you could balance out their close-fitting silhouette by wearing them with oversized or loose-fitting clothing. It’s also a good idea to choose a colour that blends in with the rest of your outfit. When selecting your boots, make sure that the fit is right so that they don’t feel too tight or too loose.

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8. Lace-Up Ankle Boots

The current trend for lace-up ankle boots harks back to Victorian style. Pair with tweeds for a classic country heritage look. Pro tip: pick a style with a side zip, so you can easily put on and take off the boots


9. Colour Pop

Brightly coloured footwear is one of the biggest winter boot trends in 2019. In recent years, deeper, moodier colours dominated footwear, however, designers are now moving towards brighter shades. For a co-ordinated look, consider matching your boots to an accessory. Alternatively, you can set them against a neutral outfit so that they stand out.

10. Knee Highs

According to Cosmopolitan magazine, “No other boot will make you look more polished than this silhouette.” Knee-high boots are not only immensely stylish, but they also offer some much-needed extra warmth during the chilly winter months. Choose a style that fits well, knee-highs look best when they hug the leg and don’t sag.

Knee High Boots


Caring for Your Winter Boots: 5 Tips

With the right level of care and attention, your boots should be able to weather several winters.

  1. Try to avoid wearing the same boots every day. Regularly switch up your footwear to give your boots a chance to fully dry and air out.
  1. If your boots are made from leather, be sure to give them an occasional polish. Cleaning will keep them nice and shiny and will also help to prevent dryness and cracking. Afterwards, you may also want to moisturise the leather to keep it soft and supple.
  1. Use a waterproofing product such as a spray or a wax to protect your boots from mud, rain, sleet and snow. You should apply this after cleaning.
  2. To remove water stains from suede boots, carefully dab the entire shoe with a damp cloth. You will then need to use a damp suede brush to gently brush away at the stains until they vanish. Leave the shoes in a warm, dry spot so they can fully dry naturally.
  3. The best way to ensure that your winter boots survive for years to come is to invest in quality footwear from a brand that you can trust will offer robust protection against the elements.

How to Care for Winter Boots

Watch more How to Buy & Maintain Shoes & Boots videos: Winter boots suffer a lot of wear and tear over the season, but care and effort will help them look better and last longer. Step 1: Use a waterproofing product Use a waterproofing product recommended by the manufacturer when you purchase winter boots.

For extra shoe care and cleaning tips, check out our guide on “How to Clean Suede, Leather and Satin Shoes”.